Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Glenn Comber

What should I expect on the first appointment?

While I set up the massage table in your designated area, I will ask you to complete a standard consultation form, which briefly outlines your history and what you’d like to achieve with massage.  We will then
have a chat about what you require and which techniques will be most effective. If you require remedial treatment, then I will ask you more in-depth questions and do some testing before starting the table work.  I will then leave the room for you to dress to your level of comfort and cover yourself with the provided towels.

During the session I will ask other questions to make sure you’re comfortable with regards to pressure and warmth. At the end, I will ask how you feel and if required, do retesting and may give you some personalised stretches or strengthening ‘homework’ to maximise the treatment.

What might a I feel in the days following?

What you feel in the days following a massage depends on what  techniques are used to achieve your desired outcome. For a relaxation massage you should feel relief and relaxed. For a remedial massage
you may experience some discomfort and soreness as a result of the body generally re-setting the muscular parameters. Two to three days  following the massage you should feel relieved and more comfortable. Doing the exercises recommended will assist your body ‘reset’ and maximise the treatment.

How often should I have a massage?

It depends on what you want to achieve with massage. If the massage is for relaxation then as you feel necessary is ideal, perhaps every three to four weeks, depending on how stressed you are! For maintenance i.e. sports preparation, at least once per week or fortnight is recommended. Frequency for post injury or surgical treatment is on a case by case basis and can be from up to two or three times per week  for a few weeks then dropping back to once a week for a month or so.

How do I know you’re qualified?

I have formal qualifications in remedial massage therapies and am a member of the Australian Association of Natural Therapists (member number AN 5072R). You may go to their website and do a search for
me and it will list my qualifications. Upon your request, I will also happily bring my qualifications with me to your appointment. An enquiry can also be made to your private health fund, as I am registered with a
range of providers for rebates.

How do I know if it is working?

To tell if massage is working for you we must look at what you wanted to achieve and whether you notice a difference after a given time. For example, after a massage or series of treatments you may experience
more movement, be pain free in a particular area or generally feel relaxed and tension free. If you’re not sure that massage is working for you, let’s talk about it!

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