Sports and Massage-What is it and when should I have it?

Written by Glenn Comber



  • Sports Massage -What is it and when should I have it? Sports massage incorporates a number of techniques passive and active assisted and non assisted stretches combined with large muscle movement massage. Techniques vary depending on what the client is trying to achieve.
  • Pre or Post event massage is used for athletes to maximise their potential.For example a runner may be trying to improve their times and shorten their training soreness.
  •  Pre event massage is one where the client has a sporting event or heavy training session coming up. Depending upon how close to the event the massage is will depend on thetechniques used could include : medium - deep tissue massage. assisted stretches and perhaps PNF stretches.
  • Post event massage. Depending how soon after the event the massage takes place will depend once again on the depth , force, duration and expectation outcome. After an event the massage will generally be light to help the body rid harmful (Lactic acid) or excessive fluid (Lymph) from the muscle to reduce soreness and maintain flexability and good muscle tone. Streching is also performed both asisisted and non assisted.Large muscle movement massage is used as well .This is called jostling and is a lot like tossing around pizza dough.

In conclusion.Pre and Post Massage should be used when there is a specific goal in mind.

If you want

  1. Better Times.
  2. Faster recovery from injury or muscle fatigue
  3. More flexibility
  4. Better performance

      Regular Sports Massage is for you and your Remedial Massage therapist will help you attain your goals.

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