new year and You

Written by Glenn Comber

Another amazing Christmas done and the list writing for new years resolutions has started and i'm looking forward to breaking them.. You know..! The list:,! lose another 3 kg.. on-top of the 5 kg from last year and the gym membership I am going to to do after i accept some free week trial that I just don't have time for (because the Block is on) Now don;t forget the latest healthy eating plan that some over paid MacDonald eating "reality TV " chef has told you is his/her way to the to go for that trimmer waist line....
Me bahh!! i don't subscribe to my body being a temple. I subscribe more to "Life be in it" style. The ,My body is a play ground and my mind is a jungle gym waiting to be entertained ,experience explored . You got one shot and one only. try a little bit of everything and be open to the wonder of diversity, Let your curiosity of the mind ferment the choices of say.. learn something I don't understand or experiencing something from someone elses point of view even if you don't agree with it or make the really tough choice of strawberry orrr chocolate.
Let YOUR whims ,dreams and passions be your new years resolution. Don't let the tv or glossy mag tell you who ,how or what to do or look like. Pick your new years resolution because it's something YOU want or don't want to do. Anyway beautiful people of the world.Love to you all and a very happy new year and to being the best and most beautiful version of you..xox

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