Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a broad term to describe a number of different massage techniques including sports massage, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release.

All of these treatments aim to increase the circulation of blood, oxygen and lymphatic fluid throughout muscles. Muscles under stress and tension experience a limitation in movement and function and benefit from having the circulation restored.

Remedial massage incorporates the physiology of sports movement and focuses on correcting, improving or recovering a muscle for sports activity. Treatment involves massage of the muscle, assisted stretching and assisted mobility of the muscle.

Past injury can be treated with massage by enabling the muscle and surrounding body systems to improve blood flow and eliminate muscular toxins, as well as lactic acid build up and lymphatic drainage from an area experiencing stress.

This can be during training in preparation for an event like a triathlon or marathon race or in recovery, post event. As a result, an injury or strain is encouraged to heal faster and return to a point of health and stability sooner.

Where incorrect position or use over time has caused muscle shortening or incorrect thickening of muscle associated structures, massage can help to focus the muscle and retrain it to correct position and movement.

Massage is useful where there has been no specific event or injury, but a build up over time resulting in limitation of movement, pain or loss of sensation to a particular area.

Having massage in conjunction with your physiotherapy, occupational therapy or doctor enables the best possible recovery and outcome for you.

* We offer a base rate of $90 / hour with a 15 minute consult on top of the first massage.

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